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random calamity ..



Friday, December 5, 2008

so, people. i have not said anything for over a week. tomorrow, i shall be off to penang island at supposedly 6 am. which therefore means that i have to wake up at like 5. pshht yeahright. we shall see how things go, yeah? i shall be back on the 9th, meaning i'll be missing one day of band practice. oh boo hoo those people obviously can survive without me, right. dahla i have no part in i-don't-know-how-many songs, because they gave all the parts when i was having exams and therefore could not go for senior band. soyeah. anyway. plus the only reason i'm going for practice on my birthday is because that's the only day fatin said she'll come visit, because it's my birthday :D okay. i'm done rambling. i wanna change my bloglink, though. bernie la! she went and changed now i also feel like wanna change. XD so go blame her. ideas? i like storyofyourlife, but it's taken. idiot person, who hasn't blogged since like 2001. =.= oh and yeah, it's story of your life, not story of my life. lol. taken from a song, by to have heroes. andy skib is just so freaking awesome la. so yeah. THH! XD so anyway, i was thinking inthestoryofyourlife. whaddaya think? 

mucho love, peas and tacobell grease!


`kathleenxx ♥
9:47 PM