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random calamity ..



Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Is what I am. 

I got DanielGabrielChongHonKit hooked on blogging.

Bwahaha. Bwahaha. BWAHAHA HAHA!

Again, I'm bored. 

I have addmath tuition homework, but I'm so lazy.

Tuition is later, at 8.

I wonder if I have BM tomorrow. Is Kateh back? I should message her. 

-cries- CHK cant come for my birthdayy! =[ Buffoon. Only reaching on my actual birthday. =.=

You PROMISE we'll go out? =] ngeeee. 

I feel like changing my blogskin, yo. But I cant find anything nice.

Haha, so Sheril, you got your album. Kiss On The Neck, yo. After approximately 8 minutes of silence.

Aww Jo, we'll see if I can get you one for Christmas. Spirit of giving, and all that.

Aiyo blogskins so boring laaa. =.=

Feet First (in the words of Neal) rox my sox! There is no way I'm registering at What's Your Fiction, cause then I wouldn't be able to read it. Or the other madness that gets posted there, cause EVERYthing happens at that board.

We kind of just gravitate there - Kavi 

YOU THINK? I mean 400+ pages, as compared to like, 6? O_O

Fascinating, I tell you. And Kavi is teh suppah ninja.

TES is a bitch. Basically two bitches. But I think one of them is a guy? Teh Ebill Stalkerz is right, yo. 

Robin pwns everyone at writing. Moarrr? Uh, YES, PLEASE.

l;dajdljaf;ajdkfa SEVENTY chapters and Rayne and FF!Dave still aren't married. Uh, wow.

I is needing moar fanfiction now, plskthnx.

My slashy mind is uberly corrupted, with all the BoUH pairings. Poor Joey, though. He's hardly ever included.

But maybe that's cause he's already married. Heh.

But, Peekmann. YES. Kyle Peek + Neal Tiemann, yo.

Eh eh eh. Kyle was David's date for the AMAs. I wonder how Neal felt. LMAO. It's really hard to come up with a name for Kyle + David, yo. Kavid? That's.. sad. But uh, Dyle is even sadder.

Okay, maybe what's worse is that I'm actually thinking about these kind of things.. Sonia's right, my brain has left me somewhere in March. 

Oh SHIT. Just WHEN are we getting our exam results? I want to burrrrn them. But I also want to know what placing I got in class. Hehh.

Alaaarrh, why cant I save those pics from the hunt? Look look > click here!

I take stupid stupid photos, no? Heeee XD

Okayh, I go do something else now. 

Peas and tacobell grease!

Baibaiii! (:

`kathleenxx ♥
2:22 PM