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random calamity ..



Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I'm freak-assed bored, yo.

Someone needs to entertain me.

Neph, did you get videos? Yes yes? Please? Okay wait I go check.

Aww man. No vids. :[ 'Celia got me vids at the Hard Rock! Kyyyyle. <3

Word Nerd, Word Hero, FANGurl, Peek-a-Boo and Clementine, yo.

0. Kyle Peek (whether he wants to or not) - Awesome.

I think I need a new siggy. Shall go bugg nightlyt now. Bahaha. XD

OMG that bitch. If she was worth it I'd go find her and slap her nice nice. But she's not. So that would be a waste of my time and effort. Daniel, although I'm sorry for you, I still don't know what the CRAP you saw in her. I'm betting that Sheril will agree with me.

Aww Sher and Jo. You guys kan. No money. Want album. SAVE la. 

Also, Jo, don't kill me!

GUHH. No one onlineeee. Where's Dom? And Yoko? And Kathy? DAMMIT. The band section is totally boring without them.

I NEED PENS that do not die on skin! I'd like to finish the So It Goes tattoo, thankyouverymuch.

But at this rate, I need to do it all over again, since it finally washed off.


David Archuleta's album has been played on my iTunes exactly: 14 times.

David Cook's album, on the other hand, has been played on my iTunes approximately: 46 times.

And still playing. :]

Thankyou, Eve. For gifting it to me. And sending me Kiss On The Neck afterward.

Yay for mass online sharing so I could get My Last Request and Breathe Tonight. (:

WHYYY didn't Star World show the AMA's this year la, WHY?

I wanted to see David! On the actual television set, instead of a tiny screen from YouTube, which is where I've been watching practically everything. Plus, YouTube wouldn't have the whole thing uploaded, and I would have very much liked to see David and his date Kyle stand up to applaud for every single stupid reason.

Wonder where the rest of the BoUH were, though.

Maybe they drew straws to see who'd be David's date. XD

Okayy maybe I should go edit some pictures before bugging nightlyt, seeing that most of them aren't mine. Hehhh.

This is temporary sanity, an exercise in vanity. So long to the ordinary day, wrought with ficticious tales. - A Daily AntheM

So so so my favourite song. Even more so that it's credited ONLY to David. 

It was going to be on his second indie album, before he joined Idol. I remember that. It was already written. 

Major props to him managing to get those record dudes let him put it on this album.

And it's a good thing he did.

I love itttt. (:

Uwaaaaah sleepover on Sunday! Yes yes? Jodieeee reply me laaaa.

4 girls + Peter, yo. This should be interesting, non?

Where to put everyone la weyh? LOL.

DUUUDE. Okay, I didn't realize it's past 12. Man, I suck. Haha.

Okay bye y'all.

I go edit pics now.

Pics of KYLE<3

You can tell I'm obsessed, right? Cause if you cant, then you're extremely dense.

Peas and tacobell grease<3


`kathleenxx ♥
12:11 AM