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Monday, June 16, 2008

Keng Onn

rawr. So, we went for band competition, right. And obviously CHS was there also. They won la, but that's besides the point. And I'm not bitter. We weren't expecting to win, neither were we hoping to win, cause we knew we couldn't. I was hoping CHS would win, too, and not KHS. So was Fatin. They really tak tahu malu. Dahla dapat number 2, they do the Hakka right there and after that when everyone was going off, they did their routine again outside. Geez. We were hoping for sekolah harapan, I'll say that, but there wasn't. So potong stim.

Anewaaaayy. I've sidetracked a lot. So, Keng Onn. My kor kor. From CHS. Who played the Euphonium, which is what Adeline plays. Who left school last year. And went back for form 6. He was there. Yeah. I thought he went to watch. Turns out, HE PERFORMED with them. I did NOT know he could do that. As in, go back to school and re-join the band. But yeah. He was there. And I didn't see him. He was there, waving flags around as a colour guard this time, with purple hair, and.. I FRICKIN DIDN'T SEE HIM!?!! Bugger. Well, then again, I didn't know he was performing la so I didn't exactly look out for him. But still. I saw SO MANY purple haired colour guards from CHS, but I didn't see him. =.= Or maybe I did, but didn't realize. rawrrr. Geramnya aku.

See kor. I posted about YOU in my blog. Now go update yours, okay?


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1:11 PM