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Friday, May 9, 2008

Wasting time to the max.

Seriously weyh, I'm just wasting time. It's exam time and I'm suddenly having this urge to blog. Babi betul. =.= So anyway, since I'm already here, here's some long overdue pictures of stuff that happened a long time ago. Haha! :D

Delia's candle holder caught fire during Easter midnight mass. :D

Working on our model garden project for the exhibit. 
Trés messy, huh?
But extremely worth it in the end... vvv

Finished product:

Chun kan, chun kan? heehee. :D


And then.. *jeng jeng jeng* 
Sports day + art block opening practices
Very productive wastes of time :D

Say what you like about that. Lol.

Next. Sonia, Rheena and I skipped school for 2 days to go watch:

My second time watching. :D

Mig Ayesa! ngeeee. He saw my scarf from stage! :D

`kathleenxx ♥
5:42 PM