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Saturday, May 10, 2008

flower sale!

Today. Form 4 Confirmation Class FLOWER SALE Part I. :D

Funfunfun (: I partnered Kelvin. We went around wearing hats in church. My fedora and his camo cowboy hat. ^^ Chun. It was the easiest way to find each other. Haha!

So anyway. We stationed ourselves riiiiight in front of the church, like right at the entrance. :D We were putting ourselves in danger by practically throwing ourselves in front of the cars that were coming in. ALL JUST TO SELL FLOWERS. Yupyup. For our confirmation camp la. :D

One stalk: RM5
Bouquet: RM50
Ladybird thingy (omgsocute): RM60

Bloody ladybirds DAMN HARD TO SELL WEYH. Price la. Damn high. Bouquet also almost as bad. Kelvin and I didn't sell even ONE bouquet. How the heck Tim and Nick managed to sell THREE I seriously have no idea. 

Anyway, Peter and Alicia came and *cough* intruded our territory. Lol. But whatever. We ended up trying to get attention by singing songs. Like If You're Happy And You Know It. LMAO DAMN FUNNY. *If you're happy and you know it, BUY OUR FLOWERS!* And err the chorus of Cant Take My Eyes Off Of You. But I cant remember which part he changed. Lol.

So in the end, from around 4.30/5.00 to 7.00/7.30 excluding mass, Kelvin and I managed to get exactly RM200. From only selling the stalks. :D So that was ± 40 flowers cause some people asked us to keep the change as well. :D 

No pictures, though. Didn't bring camera cause I went straight from OU. Tomorrow! Part 2. :D Selling again. Meaning I'll be going to church at 6.30 a.m. okayh! And I'll be bringing brownies! To either sell or for us to eat. Haha. :D Aaaand I'll be buying RM35 worth of flowers. From myself. xD

Oh wait. Got one picture. Me and Kelvin in the mamak after selling. Haha.

`kathleenxx ♥
9:38 PM