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Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Yeah. Too much to handle. Apaaaa? Dia. Siapaaaa? Sonia. =.=

Damn geram okay. Every time she calls me to go ranting about Shaila. ORANG MAU MANDI PUN TAK BOLEH OKAYH! =.= Grr. Pissing off la. She'll just go on and on. I HAVE NOTHING TO FREAKING SAY TO YOU IN RESPONSE LA OKAY! Why? BEACAUSE. I DON'T THINK ABOUT ALL THIS SHIT. Not like YOU. You, who goes overboard every single time some tiny frickin thing happens. Always, ALWAYS, you ask me. What would you do? I DON'T KNOW! Why, you ask. Cause I DON'T THINK ABOUT THESE THINGS! Then why is it that I care, you ask me. Or are you asking yourself? HOW THE HECK SHOULD I FRICKIN KNOW?!?

Babi betul.

This morning, she just HAD to wake me up at freaking 9AM. To tell me, or rather, complain to me that painting is off. So I think, whatever. Hang up, go back to sleep. NO FURTHER THOUGHTS. Puas je aku tidur. Then 11AM she wakes me up, AGAIN. Tell me painting is back on and that Annabelle and all are in school and they're cleaning the walls. =.= So I say, UH. Can I go back to sleep now? I didn't really care if she answered that question or not, I just went back to sleep. Or rather, I TRIED to. Ended up couldn't. =.= Meh.

On another note, regarding the title of this post, DANNY NORIEGA IS TMTH!!! <33333 Lol.

Danny! *swoons*

`kathleenxx ♥
7:02 PM